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Recipe Templates For Google Docs

Popular Questions
  • Are your templates better than standard files to develop recipes?

    Undoubtedly! And we have many arguments in this regard. The standard templates created for Google Docs are simple in design and may not be the best solution if you want to impress. In addition, the Google Docs library has a limited selection of culinary-themed templates.

  • Can I enjoy the procedure of the development of the recipes offline?

    To use the template offline, on the toolbar, select «Menu» → «File» → «Settings». Once here, toggle «Offline» to «On» and then click «Ok». Any changes you make to the file offline will be updated the next time you connect to the online.

  • Can recipe templates for Google files be printed?

    Our website provides the users with the files to develop content. You can print the template in both standard A4 and 5 x 7, 8.5 x 11 inches sizes. The users can also print a blank template on plain paper or cardstock and write your recipe by hand to personalize it.

  • How to edit a recipe template?

    In a few clicks, you can innovate any graphic or text elements, change the background or image size. Select the «Cut» or «Paste» option. Customize the recipe template however you'd like it to look, for example, you can add a photo of the finished dish or its ingredients. Make sure your recipe card will look as good as your recipe tastes!