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Newspaper Templates For Google Docs

How can you tell about company news in an interesting way? Create your own newspaper! In this format, your newsletter will definitely be remembered by customers. And in order not to spend money on a professional designer, use the newspaper Google Docs template. Ready-made templates are perfect not only for business, but also for schools and universities. This is a good opportunity for a child to try himself as a journalist. Everyone can use the templates, for this you do not need to have design skills. It is enough to choose a template appropriate to your concept and enter your data in the blank fields.

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    Newspaper Template For Kids

    A newspaper for children should be colorful in the first place, so we have prepared a template with pictures that will help to interest your young readers. Instead of the usual black text, it's colorful so that kids don't get bored.

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    Student Newspaper Template

    Create an engaging student newspaper with this well-designed template. Thanks to the original font, the text will look as if it was printed on a typewriter.

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    Newspaper Meme Template

    Newspaper Meme Template for Google Docs will come in handy when creating a travel newspaper. Add picturesque photos, interesting descriptions, travel tips, and information about routes.

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    Empty Newspaper Template

    The universal layout in a minimalist style is suitable for any newspaper. The first page has three columns for text, with enough space to write several news items.

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    School Newspaper Template

    Preparing a school newspaper has never been as easy as with this themed template! A simple white background alternates with light green in a checkerboard pattern, which allows you to emphasize the most important information.

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    Vintage Newspaper Template

    Do you want to immerse your readers in the atmosphere of the first half of the twentieth century? We have prepared a template that will make your newspaper look like it has been in the archives for centuries!

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    Newspaper Ad Template

    If you plan to publish advertisements in your newspaper, this handy template will definitely come in handy! It has special blocks where you can add marketing offers, banners, and ads.

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    Wedding Newspaper Template

    Wedding Newspaper Template for Google Docs will help you organize an unforgettable celebration. Use it to inform your guests about the ceremony plan, tell the love story of the newlyweds, and share their romantic photos.

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    Fake Newspaper Template

    Ordinary news often spoils the mood, so why not cheer up your readers by telling them about absurd and funny events that have been made up? Our colorful template with a large "FAKE" inscription near the header will help you realize this original idea for a special issue.

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    Old Newspaper Template

    Go back to the days before the invention of the camera by choosing the Old Newspaper Template for Google Docs. As an illustration, you should add black-and-white drawings instead of photos.

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    Old Time Newspaper Template

    This template is perfect for when you need to tell an interesting story about a historical figure. A photo or portrait of the hero of the issue is placed in the left column, and the rest of the page is occupied by his biography and achievements.

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    Old Fashioned Newspaper Template

    A special feature of Old Fashioned Newspaper Template for Google Docs is the original font that looks like it was typed on a typewriter. Together with the yellowed background, it adds an old-fashioned charm to the layout.

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    Colonial Newspaper Template

    The monochrome Colonial Newspaper Template for Google Docs is distinguished by its unusual textured background. The light gray letter looks like it was pasted on a bulletin board to convey urgent news to others.

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    Antique Newspaper Template

    If you are going to tell your readers about the legends, myths, or history of Antiquity, this thematic template will be perfect for you! The header and frame here are made in the ancient Greco-Roman style, which immediately suggests the right associations.

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    Anniversary Newspaper Template

    Make a pleasant surprise for your parents' or friends' wedding anniversary by preparing a newspaper dedicated to their relationship. Include photos of the heroes of the occasion, sincere wishes from loved ones, and mentions of funny and sentimental family stories.

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    Ancient Newspaper Template

    The uniqueness of the Ancient Newspaper Template for Google Docs lies in the handwritten font, which makes the text look like it was written with a quill pen. The yellowed background helps to immerse readers in the atmosphere of antiquity even more.

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    50th Birthday Newspaper Template

    Need to congratulate a colleague, boss or friend on their anniversary? Instead of an ordinary greeting card, you can create a festive newspaper dedicated to the birthday person and surprise them.

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    1900s Newspaper Template

    If you want to make a historical issue with a lot of photos, this template will definitely come in handy. Half of the first page is taken up by a vertical image, and another photo can be placed in the column on the left.

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    1700s Newspaper Template

    The 1700s Newspaper Template for Google Docs will help you tell an original story about ancient events. Instead of ordinary photos, it's better to add hand-drawn maps, illustrations of life back then, and portraits of historical figures.

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    Wedding Day Newspaper Template

    Who says newspapers are only for news? Tell your wedding guests the exciting love story of the newlyweds with this stylish template. Set a romantic mood from the very first page by placing a large photo of the lovers in the center of the page.

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    Newspaper Template

    One-page free newspaper template in Google Docs, is perfect for self-presenting your business and informing customers about the company's latest achievements. The layout looks as simple as possible, giving you more customization options.

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    Template for Old Newspaper

    This is a creative editable template made in the old newspaper style. Add your photos and text, and download the result in Word or PDF format.

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    Template for Vintage Newspaper

    This is a Vintage newspaper template on Google Docs. It is well suited for those who want to create an unusually designed newsletter.

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    Template for School Newspaper

    This is one of the Google Docs template newspaper options for creating a school newspaper. It's a printable two-page template with space for images and text.

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    Interview Newspaper Template

    It’s a stylish and modern free version of newspaper templates in Google Docs. The template is developed to suit format interviews, so it has a separate space for citation records.

Popular Questions
  • Is there a newspaper template on Google Docs?

    Google Docs has only basic templates, so there are no ready-made newspaper templates in the gallery. The best solution to this problem is to use our templates. They were developed by designers, so all templates are well arranged and properly structured.

  • How to get a newspaper template on Google Docs?

    Getting the template you want is very easy. You need to select the appropriate one, click on the button under the lettering "Download this template" and copy the opened document to your Google Drive. After that, you will be able to edit the template and make changes to it online.

  • How to make a newspaper template on Google Docs?

    To make your own template in Google Docs, you need to consider the structure of the future newspaper and its design in great depth. To do this, you need to have design skills. Therefore, we recommend that you use our professional templates. Everything is already thought out for you.

  • How to attract readers' attention to your Newspaper?

    To get started, choose a sapid title. The text of articles should be simple, understandable and logical. Also, do not forget to add colorful high-quality photos in the spaces intended for them. And that's all, your success is assured!