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Brochure Templates For Google Docs

The main purpose of the brochure is to inform. As a rule, they are used to advertise business, services and goods. At the same time, the main task of such advertising is not an appeal to purchase, but a detailed story about the benefits of your offer. Pamphlets are also often used to create all kinds of memos, conference and exhibition programs. The most convenient and fastest way to create a brochure is to use the brochure template, Google Docs. Thanks to the template, you can make a stylish professional brochure online without contacting a printing establishment or publishing house.

Popular Questions
  • Does Google Docs have a brochure template?

    No, Google Docs does not provide brochure templates, so you need to create your own one. But we recommend using our ready templates, it's simple and fast.

  • How to make a brochure template on Google Docs?

    To make a template yourself, you need to have design skills: you will have to choose the color of the design, the font and the location of the image and text. We recommend picking one of our templates. They are thought out to the finest details by professional designers.

  • How to get a brochure template in Google Docs?

    To get the template you like, click the "Download this template" button and copy the template to your Google Drive. Now you can enter your photos and text. The finished result can be downloaded in PDF or Word format.

  • What must be included in the brochure?

    The brochure is advisable to indicate the name of the company or organization and contacts. Also, we recommend adding a corporate logo, if there is any. The rest of the information should be provided simply and concisely.