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Welcome to “”! This online service is your source for free slides, google docs, and other formats of the templates. These templates can be used for creating business projects as well as all types of the documents developed by designers and other specialists without experience and special skills. (a “Business”).

The Service is owned and operated by (“we”, “our”, “us”, “”).

We at respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is applicable to you, the User, and the Business which allowed you to enter into this contract. The Representative and the Business will be identified as visitors to the website under the names of “you” and/or “your”.

This Policy details the privacy rules of the Service and the ways personal information can be shared.

You have given your consent to the processing of personal data. To enable you to use our Service, we need your data.

This Policy forms part of the Terms, Use and Conditions (the “Terms”) for the Service.

Content. Content. These Contents shouldn’t be considered confidential or private, and privacy should not be expected.

For all inquiries. Email addresses require your contact information. It is essential to provide accurate, up-to-date and current data. If you don’t give accurate information, we won’t be able to respond or accept your inquiry. Other personal data may be required for verification purposes.

The Rights of the User

We will make sure you get the best possible protection of your rights via the General Data Protection.

You can exercise the rights described below in the following ways: logging in to the User account by clicking on this link, through the support form available on the Website or by emailing us at [email protected]. might ask you to confirm your identity before you can exercise any of your rights.

The following rights are available to you:

Transparency in data processing and transparency about information

This legal text contains a list of actions that can be used as a guide to confirm our duties.

– Right to access the information we keep. Within one calendar month, this request will be processed.

We reserve the right of correcting any errors or limitations in the information we maintain.

– Right of access to your personal information that we have not processed while we investigate your complaint

– The right to be informed about automated decisions

Websites may use personal information you consent to or through contractual cooperation.

Right to request the removal of personal data from records (right to erasure, or “to forget”) You may request this deletion at any time by closing your account via your profile section.

Right to request information about yourself (rights to data transferability).

You have the right to withdraw your consent to any future use or disclosure of your data.

Our website, The Oder, uses your data to meet our legitimate corporate goals.

Right to object to personal data processing that is based on our legal interests. You can opt out of these advertising treatments via your profile or by filling in the registration form. Complete the registration by unchecking notifications and any offers from us. automatically gathers information

Analytical data. This Service may gather information about your activities. The Service may keep track of your activities, including the frequency and duration of your use, how long you use it for, and how many times you interact with it.

Device Information. The website may collect information about your device or personal computer, including your model, operating system and network information.

Privacy for minors

We do not have access to the private information of anyone under 18 years. Only 18-year-olds can use the Service.

The data you have collected can be used by

We use the private data we have received for specific purposes.

You will be updated on administrative matters, receive announcements, and get support. Handling complaints. You can contact us directly, or through others, if you have any questions.

These Terms and Policies need to be enforced in order to prevent misuses and other unacceptable acts

Respect all restrictions. If we are certain that our cooperation with law-authorized authorities or agencies is in compliance with applicable laws, then we will support them.

You have the right to bring a complaint to the Service.

Sharing collected data

In certain circumstances, you might need to share your personal data as described in this Policy.

You can share content from the Service with others, including other Internet users or social networks.

You can report any violation of these Terms, rights, and rules to the authorities. Data can be shared with authorities or third parties if required.

If we believe that it is required by law to share personal information about you with third parties,

Any legal proceedings or disputes that concern the Service should be directed to the specialists.

Let’s suppose that the Service operates under a new legal framework, or through another entity (e.g. because of a merger/acquisition). In such situations, the entities agree they will follow this Policy with any subsequent changes.

 Personal data may be transferred to companies (companies under our control) but they must adhere to the Policy.

Other than what is stated above, any personal data users share with others will only ever be shared if your express consent has been granted.

The users can view and manage personal information.

Data retention. You should be aware that the Service doesn’t provide backup services for any Output data or Content.

Accessing, updating or deleting Your personal information. You have the right to request information regarding your personal data that we hold about you if you are granted such rights by law. You may also ask us to confirm whether or not we hold personal data regarding you.

As long as there are no limitations under law, you can request that we correct, delete, or update inaccurate information. You also have the right to ask that we suspend the use of any personal data you challenge while we verify the status.

If you are allowed to, you can also request from us personal data (except from data we obtain from other sources), in an easily readable, structured format. You may also have the right to transmit the data to another person.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, contact us at: [email protected] .

These requests may require additional information from you to verify your identity.

Data anonymization

Anonymization (de-identification) of personal information collected by us is possible at any time. The de-identified information may be used by us in any manner, including selling or making available to third parties.


Our third party website analytics provider may also use cookies to provide the Service. Cookies are packets that contain information that our servers send to your web browser. These cookies are then sent back to the browser each time it connects to our servers. Cookies can contain information like your interactions with Service features and functionality, session durations and IP addresses. Cookies are used by us to collect information about your use and interaction with the Service.

Cookies are saved to your computer’s drive. Your browser can be configured to block cookies. You can find more information in the browser’s help section. BEAR IN MIND, HOWEVER: DISABLING COPIES MAY AFFECT THE SERVICE’S USER EXPERIENCE.

California residents

The following disclosure was made pursuant the California Online Privacy Act (CA Civil Code SS 22575).

Transfer of Data beyond Your Territory

 Information may be stored or processed at different locations across the globe. Cloud services may also be used to process data. You may find that the data protection provided by some countries is less than what you have in your own country. You consent to the transfer of your personal information to other countries as described in this Policy.

Information Security

We employ measures to reduce the chances of loss or damage to information as well as unauthorized access to information. These measures are not guaranteed to provide complete information security. You cannot expect absolute security from the Service or its databases.

 Legal Basis for Processing Your Data

The legal basis for collecting your Registration Information, Content and Payment information, Output data and Inquiries data is that it is necessary for us to execute a contract with you. We also need to respond to your inquiries by providing feedback or other services.

The legal basis to process and collect Analytical Data and Device Information, is our legitimate interest in operating our Service, ongoing business management, and business development.

Legal requirements may require further processing or data retention.

EU Rights. These rights are available under the GDPR

Right to access. You have the right of access to your personal data we hold and to receive a copy.

Right to Rectification. You have the right of correction and completion of incomplete personal data.

Right to data portability You have the right of accessing your personal data, which you provided, in a structured format that is machine-readable and commonplace. You can transmit the data to a third-party. You have the right to request that your personal information be sent directly from us, if technically feasible.

 Right to Object. The use of your data for purposes other than those with which you have agreed may be challenged by you.

Right to Restrict. You have the right of restriction of processing of personal data (except storage); if the accuracy of personal data is not being verified; if the processing is unlawful and the request to erasure personal data; if personal data are no longer required for the purposes set out in this Policy but you require them to defend, establish, exercise, or defend legal claims; or if your legitimate grounds for processing prevail over yours. 

You have the right to be forgotten. In certain cases, such as if you withdraw your consent to processing your personal data, you can ask us to delete it. We may still process personal data if we need to comply with legal obligations we have under EU law.

If you believe that your rights were violated, you may file a complaint with the GDPR-compliant supervisory authority.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

Although we may alter this Policy, we will inform you. The most up-to-date Policy is accessible through on our website, at:

We can cancel your account or terminate your use of our Service if you do not agree with the amended Policy.

Contact us You may contact us at any time with any questions or comments you may have with respect to our Website, at: [[email protected]]