About Us

We are changing the name of the website for the third time, but this is all because we love everything to be perfect, from the designs of our templates and site design to the name of our site.

First name was Freemiumtemplates.com

Second name was Freelytemplates.com

We also decided to merge our third project googleslidestemplates.com – now all 3 sites in one new one – freelydocs.com! – All in one place, fast and convenient!

Welcome to our free platform with templates!

Every day we design unique design for our templates to share with you

Our company was established in Ukraine, but currently our company is located throughout Europe, in cities such as (Krakow, Warsaw, Lisbon).

Previously, we drew templates only for Google Docs, but now we decided to make useful ones for other Google products such as:

If you think that the site lacks some kind of template – write us an email, we will consider your request and most likely order a design and add it to the site!

P.S. We just want to make the world a little better – that’s why we don’t install a subscription system on the site.

Enjoy with our templates!