Conditions of Use

September 2022

Sole proprietor (“SP”) “Kyrylova”, 04209 Ukraine Kyiv, 37-V Obolonskyi avenue, app.45 (the”’Company”, “Us”, “We”) operates this website

These terms of use (“Terms”) govern the access, browsing and use by the users (“User” or “Users”, as applicable) of http://freelydocs.com/, including any of its subdomains and/or sections, (the “Freely Docs Website”); as well as the services rendered through the Freely Docs Website (“Service” or “Services”, as applicable) which include the download and use of certain content.

The User must read and agree to these Terms by accessing and using the Freely Docs website. The Freely Docs Website must be accessed and used only if the User has not accepted the Terms or raised any objections.

SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” has the right to modify the Terms at any time. Therefore, we recommend that the Terms should be reviewed regularly by the user. The date at this beginning refers to the latest version of these Terms. It will apply as of the date of publication.

Some Services that are offered via the Freely Docs Website may be subjected to certain conditions or instructions. The User must agree to these conditions before receiving the relevant Service. SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” and third parties might impose such conditions. These specific conditions may be added to the Terms. In the event of a conflict, the Terms shall prevail. The User must therefore read and agree to such conditions before receiving the relevant Service.

The Privacy Policy will also be applicable to personal data collection and processing.


Access to Freely Docs website allows users to search for, download, access, and/or print presentation templates (slides), and document templates (docs), and other formats of files regarding various styles and themes. This may include text files as well as graphic resources such icons, photographs, illustrations, and videos with the corresponding audio. The Website will make these slides and docs, and the content thereof, “Freely Docs Content”.


The User has the sole right to use Freely Docs website and services in accordance with these Terms. Users agree, without limitation, that accessing or downloading any content from the Freely Docs Website through the Services will only be done in pursuit of a legitimate and legitimate interest.

To use the Services, the User must (1) be legal and at least 18 years old; (2) be able to enter into binding contracts with us and not be barred by any laws; and (3) be a resident in a country offering Service.

The User agrees that they will not use the Services negligently, fraudulently or in an illegal manner that could harm the image, rights or interests of Freely Templates Website.

The Freely Docs Website and its Services are not to be interfered with by the User. The User will not interfere with the functioning of the Freely Docs Website and/or the Services. It is prohibited to obtain or attempt at obtaining the Freely Docs Website contents using any method or system that is not authorized by SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska”.

Prior to using the Services, the User will be responsible for ensuring that the Services meet their needs. He/she/it must also ensure that the Services have all the equipment, software and hardware required for the purpose.

The rights granted by these Terms to the User are personal. They may not be assigned to any other party, including affiliates or entities that belong to the same company group, in whole or in part, without SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” express written consent.

When providing the Services Freely Docs Website might publish advertising that is related or non-related to the searched contents and the Services. The User has expressly agreed to this.


Register to access these Services the User can also register third-party services. The Services may be integrated or interacted in other ways with third party applications, websites, third-party services (“Third Party Applications”) to permit their registration and access to the Services. You may find that Third-party Applications have different terms and policies regarding their usage. Any use you make of such third-party apps and devices shall be registered. The Company does not endorse or take responsibility for the content, behavior, or character of any Third Party Application that you use in connection with any transaction you make with the supplier of such Third-party Applications. The Company also does not guarantee the compatibility and continuous compatibility with the Services.

The User is responsible for providing all information required to register as a mandatory type. The User is responsible to ensure that the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. The Company can suspend or terminate a User’s account if it suspects or receives false, incomplete or out-of-date information.

The User must keep his/her password confidential and secure. The User should not grant access to other users using his/her account.

Each transaction made from the account via any device is the responsibility of the User. If the User suspects that another user is using his/her Account, he/she must inform the Company immediately

If it feels that the User account is not in compliance with the Conditions, the Company can suspend or cancel it.

The Services allow users to search, access, download and/or print Freely Docs Content. Freely Docs Content can be accessed and downloaded under the conditions described from time to time on Freely Docs Website. Its use is permissible according to the terms and 


If you have any question regarding any content or believe that it infringes any right, that it does not comply with these Terms, or that is inappropriate, you can do so by contacting SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” as indicated in Section 10 or following the instructions provided on the Freely Docs Website for a copyright complaint and sending an email to [email protected].


The User acknowledges and agrees to use Freely Docs Website and its Service at his/her own risk and under the User’s responsibility. SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” is not responsible for any misuse of the Terms.

“Kyrylova-Skakovska” shall be responsible for any damages that the User may cause to “Kyrylova-Skakovska” by using the Freely Docs Website and Services. “Kyrylova-Skakovska” and their directors, employees, agents, and representatives will be held harmless from any liability that they might incur due to the User’s violation of these Terms.

“Kyrylova-Skakovska” has no control over the accessibility or continuity of Freely Docs Website and its Services. They also do not guarantee their reliability, completeness, accuracy, or fitness for a particular purpose or activity.

“Kyrylova-Skakovska” will not be held liable for any damages resulting from:

Interruptions and viruses, technical problems, interferences.

Delays in availability Freely Docs Website and services due to traffic overload, deficiencies or traffic overload on Internet, communication network or electricity grid.

Third party actions

Maintaining or updating software can cause unavailability of the Freely Docs website and the Services.

Any other event beyond “Kyrylova-Skakovska” control.



All intellectual property rights to the Freely Docs Website and the Services and/or Freely Docs Content and its design, and source codes, and all content in them (including without limitation text, images and animations data bases graphics, graphics, logos trademarks icons buttons, text, images and sound recordings, etc.) are owned or licensed by SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska”. SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” owns or is licensed to SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska”.

Except as specifically authorized by these Terms and the Freely Docs website, the Services, Freely Docs Content and any of its parts, any reproduction or distribution of such material, as well transformation or production of any derivative works, public communication or making available, extraction or reuse, or any other use, of Freely Docs Website or the Services is strictly prohibited.

SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” can be contacted if you feel that any content violates rights of third parties or is inconsistent with these Terms. In addition, you can also send us an email at [email protected].


The User has the right to access, download, and use Freely Docs. The Company and its licensors retain all rights to both Freely Docs Contents (and the Adapted Contents) that are not explicitly granted to the user by virtue of this condition.

The Company grants the user a limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to modify Freely Docs and Adapted Contents. Only for the purposes and uses allowed by these Conditions.

These concepts are intended to be clarified.

“Freely Docs” are the presentation templates that Users can download directly from the site. No modification has been made to them since the initial download, regardless of whether the files are in an Editable- or Non-editable format.

“Adapted Content” refers to any Freely Docs to which the User has made any modifications, individually or together with the User Team as later defined, in order to adapt them for their needs. This applies regardless of whether the content is in an Editable and Non-editable format as described below.

“Editable Format” means a format that allows the User, or any third-party to read the file and make changes to it. This includes, but is not limited to, modifications or alterations of any elements in the file, changes in the distribution of those elements, additions or deletions of elements, etc.

“Non-editable format” means a file format that permits the User or third-party to view the file directly and to make any modifications as per the terms below.

7.1. What can the User do using the Freely Docs?

The User is allowed to:

You can download any Freely Docs to use it for the purposes permitted by these Terms and Conditions.

You can adapt, transform and use the Freely Docs to create slides that are tailored to your needs (the “Adapted content”).

The Freely Docs can be shared with other people who are part of the same team or organization as User and who are working with him on the creation and/or modification. This is the “User Team”. Therefore, the User cannot share Freely Docs except with the User Team to help create the Adapted content.

7.2. What can the User do about the Adapted Contents?

The following are permitted uses of the Adapted Materials in Editable format:

To share the Adapted Content Editable Format to individuals belonging to Username who are creating or modifying the Adapted Content.

These are the permissible uses for Adapted Materials in Non-Editable Form:

The Adapted Contents may be used in commercial, education, advertising, and marketing presentations that can be viewed or interpreted by a public or private audience.

You may publish the Adapted Content (in Non-Editable Format) in online or digital publications including webpages and blogs (for personal, professional, and/or social media use), provided you comply with all attribution requirements, as detailed in section 4. The publication of the Adapted Content will not entail any license or resale.

Any other use that requires approval in writing from the Company. Please note: Contact the Company to obtain permission in writing to use the Freely Docs or Adapted Content.

7.3. What actions can the User complete with the Adapted Contents?

You may not sell, transfer, sublicense, share or make available to third party (i) the Freely Docs, regardless of the format they are stored in (except as permitted uses under section 1), ii) the Adapted Contents (except for the permitted uses in section 2), and/or iii), any work derived therefrom.

You can use any element that makes up the Freely Docs, or the Adapted content (for example slides, texts and icons, vectors, vectors, images, etc.). In a way that is separate and distinct from Freely Docs, or the Adapted content. If the User desires to use elements from the Freely Docs, or the Adapted Content, as icons, vectors, photos or other media, these must be downloaded directly at *** and/or ***,. The User must also comply with the terms and conditions for the content of each website.

Use the Freely Docs and the Adapted Material without complying to the attribution requirements in section 7.4.

You should not use the Freely Docs, or the Adapted Contents in a way that suggests sponsorship by the company or website.

You may not use or include Freely Docs, regardless of their format, or the Adapted Contents (in Editable Format), nor any work derived from them, in a database or file or in any product or service that offers downloadable presentations or icons, images or collections, or repertory. This may make it subject to distribution or resale.

Use of the Freely Docs’ elements (wholly, partially), in a brand, logo, or as part of a service or product guarantee.

You may not use the Freely Docs Contents or Adapted Contents content in any manner that could be considered offensive, defamatory and/or obscene or illegal.

You may not use the Freely Docs Contents Contents/Adapted Contents in a way that negatively impacts the reputation, offends and vilifies a person or race, gender or culture, country, region or city or anywhere else.

7.4. Attribution

The Freely Docs Contents are available in a variety of formats. However, to be able access the Adapted Contents and Freely Docs Contents, the User must ensure that the Creators or Owners of the Original Contents included in the Freely Docs Contents or the Adapted Contents (for instance, icons, vectors etc.) are identified. You must properly credit them in any copies of the presentation. Except for a license that permits him/her to remove said attribution, the User is obligated to keep the presentation in an editable and non-editable format. The Website may include additional instructions regarding the attribution obligations the User must follow and information about whether the license allows them to erase said attribution. Use of Freely Docs or Adapted content is permitted without charge provided that the Company/Website is credited in any way the User uses the freelydocs.com Content. The User must subscribe to the Service in order to access the Freely Docs and Adapted Content. The Subscription allows the User to download and use the Freely Docs for a specified period. To purchase a Subscription, the User must comply with the Conditions set forth in Section 8.

If the User fails the Conditions, his rights under this condition will automatically end. These rights are terminated when the User ceases to use the Freely Docs Contents and destroys any copies or totals thereof.


This Section (“Subscription Terms”) governs any Subscription purchased on the Website. By completing the Subscription purchase, it will be considered that the User has fully read and agreed to the Subscription Terms. To avoid any confusion, the Subscription Terms will continue to apply to Users who purchase a Subscription, except where it is specifically stated otherwise.

These Subscription Terms are available for the User before they purchase the Subscription. They can be stored or reproduced on any durable medium.

You can find the Subscription Terms in English and Spanish. The Website has instructions that can be followed by the user if they are interested in purchasing a Subscription.

The Website offers Subscriptions. Here you can find all the information, including the price and conditions. The Company may modify or discontinue offering any Services, and offer new Subscriptions. The Subscriptions will be personal and shall not be given to any third party. No third party other than the User may use Freely Docs (including affiliates or entities belonging to the same group of businesses).

The Subscription price includes the applicable Value Added Tax. The price for any Subscription can be changed by the Company at any time. The Subscription price shall be applied by the Company as stated on the Website at the time that the order was submitted by the user.

The Subscription shall be paid by the User in advance using a credit/debit or debit card as described on the Website. Follow the instructions in the Website to purchase the Subscription and pay it. Third-party sites are responsible for processing payment information and data using credit/debit cards. By ordering any Subscription, the user authorizes the Company’s payment method to collect the price. After payment is successfully processed, the Subscription shall automatically be activated. The Subscription shall then be active for the period purchased by the User.

Unless otherwise specified in these Subscription Conditions, Subscriptions are automatically and successively renewed upon expiration of their term, unless the user cancels the renewal before expiration. The same payment method used by the Company to pay the original price will be used for the subsequent price. The Subscription price may be changed by the Company at any time, provided the User is notified with at least one-month notice.

After the user has purchased the Subscription, the screen will confirm the purchase. The receipt of the purchase will be sent to the User within the shortest period of time, but not later than 24 hours. The receipt can be saved and printed. The User can request and download an invoice as indicated on the Website within forty-eight hours (48) after making the payment.

The Subscription allows the User to enjoy the following:

The Service includes the use of Freely Docs and Adapted Content. These conditions and all other terms referred or described in Sections 6 & 7 will still apply.

The Freely Docs and the Adapted content in an Editable format can be shared with third parties other than individuals who are part of the same team or organization that the User is part of and who collaborate with him on the creation and/or modification.

You can access all content on the Website.

Extra materials are available for premium users only in certain Freely Docs. These include slides, designs and graphics. While such Freely Docs may be accessible to every user, Premium users will only be able access the entire extra material.

Use the website without advertising.

The Freely Docs may have restrictions on the number and type of content that can be downloaded, but these restrictions will not apply to you.

Because the content on the Website is digital, there is no cancellation right, but the applicable guarantees in the consumers’ regulations may still be valid.


SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” could, at any given moment and without incurring any responsibility towards the user, modify or limit the content of Freely Docs Website, the Services or cease providing some or all of them. SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” also has the right to deactivate and delete any or all User accounts and corresponding information. SP “Kyrylova-Skakovska” will still comply with the law regarding keeping records for certain transactions over the relevant time.


Spanish Law shall govern the use of Freely Docs Website and the Services. Except in those instances where regulations specify a particular jurisdiction, all disputes related to these Terms will be resolved by Malaga’s Courts. The Parties specifically waive any other applicable jurisdiction.

These Terms shall not be considered invalid or unenforceable if any of the provisions is found to be invalid. The remainder of these Terms will not be affected.

SP “Kyrylova” can be reached at [email protected] with any questions or claims.