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Popular Questions
  • Google Slides templates vs PowerPoint templates: which is Better?

    Google Slides templates provide more options for teachers. With their help, you can create a multimedia presentation with gifs, videos, and animations. And this is exactly what students like so much. If you are accustomed to working in PowerPoint, you can convert the template to the appropriate format.

  • How can I find a lesson plan Google Slides template?

    Check out our template library. You can view the contents of the layout using the «Preview» option. Looking for more templates? The drop-down menu at the top of the web page contains template headings. In addition to layouts for educational purposes, you can also find multi-purpose and thematic templates on our platform.

  • Can I add media to the Google Slides template for teachers?

    You can add any media to the template, including videos, images and gifs. Students will be delighted with this slideshow! Click on any placeholder and select «Insert».

  • How to publish a Google Slides presentation on a website?

    You can publish the results of your work by following the steps offered by the simple interface of the online resource.