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In recent years, the number of business development specialists has increased: development directors, consultants, etc. They have received special education and have extensive experience in solving optimization problems, as well as in optimization technologies. Technology, unlike art, is a sequence of actions that leads to a guaranteed result and can be transferred to another person in a short period of time. We understand that top managers should not optimize processes on their own - this is the business of professionals. But managers need to understand how these professionals work in order to properly set goals and accept results. There are more technologies than can be described in the article, and many of them are understandable only to specialists. Let's start the description of the basic technologies with the principles, without which optimization turns into reasoning at the level of common sense

Its purpose implies the need to determine the crucial directions of scientific, technical and production activities of the company in the following areas. The use of the templates reflect such data as:

  • Introduction of new products
  • Modernization and improvement of products
  • Further improvement of the production of traditional types of products
  • Removal from production of obsolete items

The template for Google Slides for the creation of business development strategy is needed to develop proposals to correct the identified shortcomings, rebuild the process model needed for the improvement of the company's market position. By analyzing each procedure and identifying its obvious shortcomings, you can evaluate the optimality of business process management and the optimality of a group of processes. The results of the optimality assessment should be the identified deficiencies in the process and / or group of processes.

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Template for Business Development For Google Slides & PowerPoint

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