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Scientific and technical progress is a single, interdependent progressive development of science and technology, characteristic of large-scale machine production. Under the influence of the growth and complication of social needs, scientific and technical progress is accelerating, which makes it possible to turn production into a technological process of purposeful application of the achievements of natural and other sciences.

The continuity of scientific and technical progress depends primarily on the development of fundamental research, which reveals new properties of nature and society, as well as on applied research and experimental design, which make it possible to translate scientific ideas into new equipment and technologies. The use of the science poster template for Google Docs is the most convenient way to develop the visual files to:

  • Explain the results of the scientific activity
  • Share the outcomes of the investigation
  • Achieve the needed investments to continue the process of research

The science poster template for Google Docs can provide all individuals with an opportunity to create this type of the files in case of need. Do not lose a chance to enjoy the process by turning it into a part of routine that can increase the level of productivity. Technological progress is the key to economic growth and sustainable development, affecting all the Sustainable Development Goals. However, there are two factors that may reduce its potential impact on the implementation.

The first one implies that the rapid technical changes taking place in many areas of advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology and others, do not necessarily intersect with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, even when accelerating technological progress intersects with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, it can initially deepen inequalities.

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Template for Science Poster For Google Docs & Word

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