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The main result of research activity is an intellectual outcome that establishes one or another truth as a result of the research procedure and is presented in a standard form. Often in the conditions of studies one can meet the requirements of practical significance, applicability of the results of the study, and the characteristics of the social effect of the study. Such activity, although often called the organizers of research, pursues other goals involving socialization, the development of social practice by means of research activities.

The director of children's research work must be aware of the shift in the goals of the ongoing work when such requirements are introduced. If in science the main goal is the production of new knowledge, then in education the goal of research activity is to acquire by students the functional skill of research as a universal way of mastering reality, developing the ability for an exploratory type of thinking, independent acquisition of knowledge that is new and personally significant for a particular student.

The research poster template for Google Docs is the primary way to reflect the results of this activity through the use of:

  • Structured content
  • Infographics
  • Pictures
  • Tables

The use of the poster templates for Google Docs is a convenient way to obtain a deep understanding of the theme by the representatives of the audience. The study implies the obligatory advancement of hypotheses and theories, their experimental and theoretical verification. Projects can be without research. And from here it follows that the hypothesis in the project may not always be, there is no research in the project, there is no hypothesis. Research work is a type of independent analytical activity of students in the field of systematic study of a particular issue or topical issue. Research activity contributes to the development of research skills, the formation of universal learning activities

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Template for Research Poster For Google Docs & Word

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