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Advertising is an essential tool to achieve the required level of sales for any company.

The advertising appeal, as a rule, consists of two parts including informative and persuasive details. It should urge the buyer to action. This appeal is provided by appealing to the relevant human feelings involving fear, sexual feelings, humor, dignity, patriotism, etc. Addressing the feeling of fear, the consumer is convinced that the purchased product can prevent certain negative phenomena. In this way, advertise, for example, the services of insurance agencies, medicines, and some household items.

The 4 panel brochure template for Google Slides allows the representatives of the different professions to create the files that can present the necessary data aimed at the achievement of the specific marketing goals. This amount of space for publishing information can become universal for advertising any product and service including:

  • The description of the features of the product or service
  • The details about the different promotions
  • Offers for the new or regular customers

All of these categories of data can turn into a trigger to make a purchase. This approach in the area of advertising campaigns has an unobtrusive nature and a high level of efficiency compared to emails and periodic newsletters. The use of the 4 panel brochure template for Google Slides is a great chance to save money and time needed to complete this routine task relevant for any business area.

Advertising goals are the basis for calculating his budget. For such calculations the same methods are used, as for formation of the budget of marketing communications as a whole. Budgeting is more focused and specific. The advertising budget is primarily focused on its goals. If the information used in it is broad and reasonable, then budgeting is based on the function of the impact of advertising. This function describes the relationship between input and output factors.

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