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Today, advertising is the most effective, and therefore the most widely used means of influencing consumers in the process of marketing communications. At the same time, it is very difficult to find a definition that would reveal the essence of what in theory and practice is called advertising. As with marketing in general, there are many different definitions of advertising. Therefore, based on the characteristics of advertising itself, the specialists note that advertising is an arbitrary paid form of non-personal presentation needed to increase the level of the demand for a product or service. The 3 panel brochure templates for Google Slides can turn into the basis for the creation of the visual files that:

  • Contain minimum data
  • Do not require a lot of time and effort to read them
  • Can have unique details of the structure and content

The basis of development and implementation of the advertising program implies the marketing strategy of the enterprise. This approach occured due to the fact that advertising is an important component of this strategy as an element of the marketing complex. At the same time, it is a factor in its successful implementation, achieving its goals. The starting point of the advertising decision-making process includes the identification of the target market representing the group of people to whom advertising will be addressed.

The 3 panel brochure template for Google Slides provides an ability to meet the needs of the representatives of the different target audiences by motivating them to take certain actions. Communication between a sender and a receiver is carried out by means of a communication process. You will have an opportunity to change any details of the visual files by turning them into a foundation for the promotional campaign in any area of sale of services and goods.

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