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Persuasive advertising performs the task of forming the preferences of the advertised object among the target audience of advertising, persuading consumers of the advantages of the advertised offer compared to analogues. By preference it is customary to understand the steady need of the recipient of an advertising message, a representative of the target audience, to acquire the object of advertising. Persuasive advertising is the most common form of advertising. The blank brochure template for Google Slides provides the users without the experience in the area of text editing and graphic design. The templates can turn into a basis for the creation of:

  • An integral part of the marketing campaign
  • The main detail of the current promotional strategy
  • The primary tool to attract the additional attention of the clients

Reminder advertising performs the task of maintaining the target audience of advertising awareness of the object of advertising and sustained interest in it. Its goal is to maintain sustainable demand. The main function of this advertisement is a reminder of the need to purchase a particular product or operation of a particular service and reinforce this need in the minds of consumers. Its focus is limited, as it is addressed to consumers who are well aware of the advertised object.

The blank brochure templates for Google Slides can allow the users to develop the visual files that can perform this task. Many goods and services are acquired by consumers spontaneously, without prior consideration or due to a combination of certain circumstances. At the same time, some of their important parameters, primarily the name of the trademark, are usually fixed by consumers upon purchase or during operation.

In many cases consumers do not attach much importance or quickly forget why they bought a certain product or used a certain service, reminder messages act repeatedly, inviting them to buy a product or use a service again. Reminder advertising plays a key role in cases where it is necessary to maintain awareness, keep in the memory of consumers’ information about a product or service.

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