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Template for the Creation of Business Proposals

The templates for Google Slides are a basis for the development of business. Using its ability to target certain categories of consumers, advertising increasingly performs the function of demand management. The control function becomes a hallmark of modern advertising, predetermined by the fact that it is an integral part of the marketing system. The advantage of this method is that it does not require the search for new specialists or partners: the company interacts with already proven professionals who meet its requirements and requests. However, as volumes increase, the company will still have to face additional costs

  • for working with new suppliers
  • for new purchases
  • for organizing the sale of products

In addition, expanding your business and increasing volumes is beneficial from the point of view that your company already has a stable position in a certain market segment, which is an advantage and creates prerequisites for further business development. At the same time, you minimize the risk of losing your own funds and investments, since increasing volumes is not connected with solving essentially new tasks for you. The use of the templates for Google Slides to introduce the advantages for business can become a foundation for the positive outcomes.

The practice of firms shows that at the micro level, almost any state of consumer demand can be changed by marketing actions, including targeted promotional activities, to such an extent that it corresponds to the actual production capabilities of the firm or its marketing policy. Thus, the manufacturer receives information about the controllable factors that he can influence, and about external, uncontrollable factors that arise as a result of the impact of the environment in which marketing and, as its component, advertising activities. These uncontrollable factors are a consequence of the political, economic, legal conditions existing in a particular country, state and public institutions.

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Business Proposal Template For Google Slides & PowerPoint

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