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The innovative cycle of scientific research covers the whole complex of relations between production and consumption and represents the period from the birth of an idea to its commercial implementation. The concept of "innovation cycle" implies a feedback between the consumer of a new product and the scientific field. Innovation cycles can be of different lengths, depending on which stage of scientific research the consumer turns to to improve the way to satisfy his need. Such kinds of the scientific posters can show the information about:

  • Names of the speakers
  • Nuances of timing
  • Goal and mission of the event

The use of scientific posters based on the template for Google Slides represents the most accurate demonstration of science themes needed to immerse the audience in this area. Improved process technology used in practice, as well as additional research and development related to this. Considering this definition of innovation activity, one should point out the absence of the concept of innovation development in it. Innovative activity means the entire innovative process, without exception, starting with the emergence of an idea and ending with the diffusion of a product.

A more precise definition of innovation activity is as follows. Innovative activity is a process aimed at developing innovations, implementing the results of completed scientific research and development or other scientific and technical achievements into a new or improved product sold on the market, into a new or improved technological process used in practical activities, as well as related to this additional research and development. The poster can show the necessary outcomes of the research process needed to continue the procedure to reveal more data.

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Scientific Poster Template For Google Slides & PowerPoint

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