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The research poster based on the template for Google Slides allows you to rely on the already created structure of the poster by sharing the necessary ideas and thoughts. This method is the most effective way to achieve the desired results. The templates can become a basis for the organization of event to conduct:

  • science quiz
  • conferences needed to show the results of the research
  • seminars for exchange of experience

The research poster developed through the use of the template for Google Slides provides all users with an ability to develop this kind of visual documents. The innovation process is a unique phenomenon in which the achievements of science and technology are closely intertwined with the development of the economy, entrepreneurship and management. The innovation process is a process of successive transformation of an idea into a product, passing through the stages of fundamental and applied research, design development, marketing, production and sales.

The templates can turn into a basis for these processes to achieve the necessary results of the study. The main features of the innovation process are its cyclicality, the phased implementation of innovations and an exceptionally high degree of risk associated with a low probability of successful implementation of a new idea in a new type of product. As a rule, this probability is about 9-10%. This means that out of every twelve original ideas, only one makes it to the last stage of mass production and sale.

The return on capital investment in the innovation process is fundamentally different from guaranteed loan interest payments on capital in a bank or dividends on shares. You can use the features of the templates to intensify the working process by increasing its productivity.

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Research Poster Template For Google Slides & PowerPoint

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The users of the website obtain the missing experience in this area by turning the procedure of the creation of the presentations into one of the most productive stages of working procedure!

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