Sociological Research Survey Form Template For Google Forms

Social surveys are a technology for monitoring and analyzing changes in the social object of management, characterized by constancy, regularity of implementation. The objective prerequisites and opportunities for conducting surveys lie in the organic unity of the past, present and future, discontinuity and continuity of development, increasing relationships, including material and non-material, economic and social, environmental aspects.

However, this approach is inaccurate. Surveys in social management initially consisted in the observation of socio-economic processes. In both cases, the polls were essentially passive. Gradually, it began to be used also for the purposes of tracking, analyzing and forecasting the current state of economic, social and other objects, their development trends. As a result, monitoring is increasingly turning into an active form of cognitive activity, developing as a prerequisite for the transformation of socio-economic systems.

The sociological research survey template for Google Forms allows specialists to develop this type of the files needed to collect certain data. In this case, they should not have any knowledge and experience in the area of text editing. They can concentrate on the process of data presentation necessary to collect the information for its further analysis. Features of sociological research include such nuances as:

  • Systematic nature
  • Well-planned structures
  • Clear scenario

The templates for Google Forms aimed at the development of sociological research survey has necessary options for the editing to meet the preferences and needs of the different users. At present, the concept of "social surveys" is interpreted differently depending on the different vision of its essence including environmental, economic, sociological, psychological. In the scientific literature, the first attempts were made to comprehend the methodological and methodological foundations of this method of organizing social research.

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Sociological Research Survey Form Template For Google Forms

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