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The unknown absence of a person is a legal term that means the absence of an individual from his/her place of residence, continuing for a long time without anyone receiving news of his/her place of residence. The legal relationship of a missing person, if he/she has family or property left, remains in an uncertain position. This uncertainty is eliminated through the assumptions about the death of the missing person.These assumptions in different codes were not the same. Some state laws took into account the age of a person.

For example, 70 years of age was considered the deadline for human life, and as soon as the missing person reached this age, he was considered dead. According to other legislation, if the assumptions about the death of a missing person at his age were substantiated, the legal relations of the persons were limited to appointing a certain period, after which a change in the sphere of legal relations declared a missing person dead. However, the specialists should make every effort to organize the process of search. The use of the missing person template for Google Docs can show great results by requiring no specific skills and knowledge in this area. This type of the visual files can:

  • speed up the search process
  • improve its quality
  • get feedback from a missing person

The templates give the users a chance to introduce any types of the changes to meet his/her needs. In this case, the missing person template for Google Docs can save time and effort of the specialists trying to conduct operational activities to search for a person. This type of the missing Google Docs templates provides the professional with the chance to change the content published in the documents to share only reliable and rapidly changing information to achieve the desired results of the process of search.

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