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Questioning is one of the main types of survey carried out through indirect communication between the sociologist and the respondent.The process of adapting the questions addressed to the respondents to the necessary communication will be called the design of the questionnaire. The method of cognition of objective activity is the method of research, which is understood as a certain sequence of actions or methods of the researcher. The design tasks include:

  • Instill confidence in respondents in their ability to answer all the questions
  • Establish trusting relationships, create the impression of the possibility of giving any, the most unexpected and frank answers
  • Release respondents' answers from the impact of previous questions and answers to them
  • Maintain a constant interest in working with the questionnaire

In this case, the use of the ranking survey template for Google Forms provides the respondents with an opportunity to put the answer items in a certain order based on their preferences. This type of the survey can be useful for the:

  • Scientific research
  • Social polls
  • Marketing campaigns

The ranking survey Google Forms templates can be developed in a few clicks without the necessity to have special skills and knowledge by using the tools offered by the online resource. When conducting a survey, groups of respondents may be subjected to either single or multiple surveys. In the first case, a cross section of the given group is obtained in many parameters for a fixed point in time. For example, editorial offices of magazines and newspapers conduct one-time sample surveys of their readers on parameters such as age, gender, educational level, occupation, etc. Since, as a rule, large samples are used in these studies, these studies are usually called selective polls.

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Ranking Survey Template For Google Forms

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