Basic Employment Application Template For Google Forms

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The selection of personnel is the second stage of the recruitment procedure after the recruitment process is completed. For the right choice, you will need to conduct an interview with each. Choosing interview questions is important. Questions should be as close as possible to the activities of the company and contribute to the full disclosure of the candidate as a person, by identifying his professional and managerial qualities.

And the criteria and methods for selecting personnel should be chosen as close as possible to the requirements of the corporate culture. The basic employment application template for Google Forms can provide the specialists with an effective tool needed for the collection of the personal data about the potential employees. This approach has a wide range of the benefits including:

  • Time saving
  • More comprehensive preparation for the stage of interviewing candidates
  • The presence of an opportunity to prepare specific questions for the interview based on the data obtained after filling out the form

The basic employment application templates for Google Forms can provide the users with a chance to organize the collective cooperation to perform a wide range of the tasks. In this case, the individuals can enjoy the online and offline access to the files. The selection procedure can be initiated by both external and internal search for a suitable employee. Searching for candidates in the external market helps the company to fill the gap in fresh ideas, professional knowledge and new talent.

Internal search is carried out in order to fill vacancies with employees already working at the enterprise or to organize the process of moving up the career ladder. The need for downsizing can also activate the internal selection process, because the company must answer the question of who should leave and who should stay in the enterprise. The use of the forms can be convenient during all stages of this process.

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Basic Employment Application Template For Google Forms

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