Home Inspection Checklist Template For Google Sheets & Excel

The home inspection checklist template for Google Sheets gives the users a chance to complete all necessary actions by focusing on all details of the apartments. The already developed lists of the options will turn into a perfect basis to achieve the desired goals. The templates can include the lists with the:

  • inventory
  • furniture
  • descriptions of the condition of the apartments

The home inspection checklist template for Google Sheets can save your time and effort necessary to complete this task. During operation, under the influence of aggressive environmental factors, features of technological processes. A professional home inspection includes an inspection of the surrounding area, structure and all internal systems of the house, from the roof to the base of the house. Such inspections are carried out by an independent and qualified professional. The purpose of the inspection is to visually inspect all accessible places in the house and draw up a written report of any faults found. If you need a detailed study of suspicious areas, the inspector will advise you to contact highly specialized companies that deal with this issue. For example, if you suspect the existence of termites in the wooden supports of the house, the inspector will advise you to contact a company that removes insects from residential premises. Usually, a house inspection is carried out by the seller after successful negotiations, when the purchase and sale contract is signed. Imagine, after all the time and effort spent on finding a serious buyer, after successful negotiations on the price, terms and conditions of the transaction, it can break down due to serious “surprises” that arose during the inspection.

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