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The bank's success in the loan capital market is largely determined by its policy regarding compliance with the basic principles of bank lending. These principles are the basis, the main element of the lending system, as they reflect the essence and content of the loan, as well as the requirements of objective economic laws. The principles of lending include:

  • Repayment
  • Urgency
  • Payment
  • Security
  • Target Character
  • Differentiation

These principles evolved spontaneously in the process of evolution of credit relations and are now directly reflected in national and international credit legislation. The debt payoff received due to the involvement of the template as a foundation of the files from Google Sheets can lead to an effective method to manage the procedure of the loan reimbursement. The principle of loan repayment expresses the need to return the financial resources received from the lender after the completion of their use by the borrower. Repayment is the feature that distinguishes credit as an economic category from other economic categories of commodity-money relations. The principle of payment for a loan expresses the need not only for the direct return by the borrower of credit resources received from the bank, but also for paying for the right to use them. The economic essence of the payment for a loan is reflected in the actual distribution of the profit additionally received through its use between the borrower and the lender.

The population enters into relations with its monetary resources with the national financial system and economic entities of the production and non-production spheres of all forms of ownership. These diverse relationships are associated with wages to the population, payments from the accumulative pension system of funds, receipt of material and intangible benefits, on the other hand, the population pays taxes with its own funds, pays for the services of state and other institutions and organizations in the production and non-production spheres.

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Debt Payoff Template For Google Sheets & Excel

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